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Serego Alighieri Cherry Jam


Confettura di Ciliegie

Since 1353, the Conti Serego Alighieri, descendants of the poet Dante, have cultivated their estates in Valpolicella with love and care, specialising in wine and other traditional agricultural products of the area to make a range of high quality foods for the table. 

This jam is hand-made from de-stoned cherries and sugar, cooked to the right consistency with juicy bits of fruit. Delicate in taste, easily spreadable, and particularly suitable for the making of desserts and tarts.

Technical data

Tasting notes


brightly coloured.


refined taste, soft and easy to spread with bits of fruit in the jam

Serving suggestions

Excellent spread on bread or crackers for breakfast or for a snack; good for making fruit tarts and desserts. A good condiment for ricotta and fresh cheeses.


Best used within 30 months. Since no preservatives are used in its preparation, best stored in a refrigerator after opening and eaten within a few days.



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