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Serego Alighieri Chestnut Spread


Crema di Marroni

Since 1353, the Conti Serego Alighieri, descendants of the poet Dante, have cultivated their estates in Valpolicella with love and care, specialising in wine and other traditional agricultural products of the area to make a range of high quality foods for the table. 

This authentic spread is hand-made using peeled chestnuts mixed with sugar and cooked in small pans to reach and soft and concentrated texture. As tradition dictates, the spread is delicately flavoured with vanilla.

Technical data

Tasting notes


light chestnut colour.


typical and refined, with a slight hint of vanilla. Soft, creamy and compact in texture, but easy to spread.

Serving suggestions

Excellent spread on bread or biscuits for a nutritious snack. Good in cake-making for the preparation of sweet, seasonal delicacies.


Best used within 30 months. Since no preservatives are used in its preparation, best stored in a refrigerator after opening and eaten within a few days.



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