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Riso Vialone Nano

Since 1353, the Conti Serego Alighieri, descendants of the poet Dante, have cultivated their estates in Valpolicella with love and care, specialising in wine and other traditional agricultural products of the area to make a range of high quality foods for the table. 

This fine variety of rice, particularly well suited to the making of risottos, comes from ancient rice fields that once belonged to the Serego Alighieri family sited in the heart of the traditional production zone on the plains south of Verona and bordering the province of Mantua.

Technical data

Tasting notes


small oval grains. Opaque white colour.


full bouquet with delicate hints of herbs, but very clean tasting.

Serving suggestions

Versatile and useful for all rice dishes, from the antipasto stage to the dessert stage of a meal. Particularly suitable for making risottos thanks to the large amount of starch released on cooking and the ability to absorb flavourings easily.


24 months at least insect-free.



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